Being probably the most popular medication used for treating hair loss and male pattern baldness, Propecia is a drug well known by many. It has been around since 1998, successfully helping men regrow their hair and rebuild their confidence in dozens of thousands of cases. However, do you really know everything you need about Propecia? If you did, then you probably wouldn’t be reading this, would you? One way or another, this article is here to answer whatever questions you may have left about this finasteride-based medication. How does it work? Does it have a permanent effect? Is it safe? Is there a way to get it prescription free and without overpaying? Read on and we will try to answer these questions as well as a few more.

Male pattern baldness is usually caused by an increase in the levels of dihydrotestosterone. Therefore, finasteride’s ability to prevent the conversion of regular testosterone into dihydrotestosterone is exactly what its effect is due to. However, it’s worth pointing out that finasteride’s mechanism of action is exactly what its side effects are due to as well – this medication is known to decrease sex drive and fertility, cause erection problems and excessive breast tenderness and enlargement. It also decreases the size of prostate, which is used for treating benign prostatic hyperplasia in another medication containing it – Proscar. Besides, it can cause serious birth defects (women who used or handled finasteride during pregnancy may give birth to babies with ambiguous genitalia).

Even though the paragraph above has probably made you a little less willing to try Propecia, don’t come looking for an alternative hair loss treatment just yet. Even though the abovementioned side effects were reported by finasteride users, it’s also worth mentioning that they were only observed in 3.8% of all patients. Additionally, the same side effects were observed in 2.1% of people taking placebo, which means that the actual number should be even lower than 3.8%. There are millions of men using Propecia every year and yet there have only been 421 cases of finasteride side effects documented between 1998 and 2011. Obviously, this medication is not 100% safe but it’s also far not as dangerous as it may seem to be from the first sight.

Propecia generic

Your health insurance program may include protection from a huge variety of different disorders but the chances of it covering male pattern baldness are probably very low. That’s why most patients undergoing hair loss therapy with Propecia have to pay for it out of their own pockets. Therefore, it’s absolutely no surprise that there are so many people searching for generic Propecia on their Internet. Even though the brand-name medication manufactured by Merck is not the most expensive out there (a month’s supply will cost you $100 at most in the US), it’s hard to resist those online pharmacy offers claiming they sell the same number of pills for $20 or even less. Thus, if you want to cut your costs a little bit, you can definitely consider buying one of numerous generic finasteride medications instead of the brand-name one.

Another fact that speaks in favor of choosing generic finasteride over brand-name Propecia is the following: most generics are sold online on prescription-free basis! That means you won’t have to waste time on going to the doctor and be forced into telling him or her about how your receding hairline is freaking you out. Instead, you can just place your order online, wait for it to arrive at your door and start the therapy! In that case, however, make sure you buy from a reliable online pharmacy and follow directions for use with maximum possible precision.

There are lots of ‘good’ finasteride-based generics and there are probably even more ‘bad’ ones, so, please, take the time to double-check the medication you’re planning to purchase as well as the site you’re planning to purchase it from. The least you can do is check customer reviews from a few different websites – if the majority is positive, then you should be perfectly safe.

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