Finasteride results

Since finasteride has been around for almost 20 years already and the number of men taking it keeps increasing with every year, it’s safe to say that this medication does work. Of course, googling pictures would probably give you a more graphic understanding of what the therapy of Propecia results in but… There’s also a way to put it into cold words and numbers and this is exactly what we’re planning to do in this article. Besides, nothing speaks about the effects of finasteride better than real reviews from the customers who have tried it, so we will include a few of those as well. Read on and we will do our best to help you understand how good or bad Propecia actually is.

The most widely accepted numeric evaluation of finasteride’s effectiveness is the following: patients are expected to see at least a 30% improvement in hair loss after 6 months of therapy with finasteride. This should include new hair on the crown and vertex area, fewer hair falling out and overall healthier, stronger hair. Even though Propecia is only officially approved for use in men at the moment, there have been a few clinical studies involving female patients too. The results were controversial – some of the studies proved finasteride to be effective in women (60% of subjects characterizing the improvement as ‘huge’ and 33% as ‘moderate’) while at least one denied the effectiveness of this medication in women completely (no change in hair count in patients on finasteride and the comparable results in test group taking placebo).

Finasteride reviews

What do regular finasteride users have to say about their experiences with this medication? Are they always positive or can there be unpleasant side effects as well? Let’s read a few Propecia reviews below and have these questions answered. Please, note that we’re trying to remain neutral here, so we decided to publish the reviews from both satisfied and dissatisfied finasteride customers.

  • Paul, 38 years old, Cincinnati, OH
  • I have been taking Propecia for more than 3 years now, so my review is probably going to be more reliable than most others. Besides, I have a twin brother who isn’t using finasteride or any similar meds and growing bald pretty quickly, so it’s safe to say we’ve got a bit of a control group situation here. So, the good bits… I stopped losing hair on the crown and even grew some back, so it’s clear that the medication is working. What I don’t like though is that it really affects libido and erection quality – I can’t get it up in about 1-2 out of 10 cases. Might be age, of course, but still unpleasant. Will definitely consider switching to another med if it gets worse.

  • Gene, 62 years old, Tucson, AZ
  • 2 years on Propecia and loving it. There was a bald patch in the crown area on my head and now it is gone completely. Moreover, I can tell that my hair is significantly stronger now – no falling out when I brush it, nothing of that kind. I did notice a decrease in libido when I started taking Propecia but it went away quickly, probably because of the body getting used to lower levels of DHT or something.

  • Jordan, 63 years old, Philadelphia, PA
  • Tried taking Propecia for a week a few months ago but had to cancel it due to severe side effects – a huge compromise in libido, brain fogginess, constant tiredness, etc. Will probably have to put up with MPB or consider hair transplant.

    Propecia: before and after

    Even though describing the effects of taking Propecia is rather difficult without showing the pictures, we will do our best to. First of all, a few months of finasteride treatment can help a person get rid of bald patches completely – even in cases when there’s little to no hair left in vortex and crown areas of the patient’s head, it begins to regrow thanks to the effect of finasteride. Secondly, almost all patients taking Propecia agree that this medication makes their hair get healthier and stronger. When you’re on finasteride, you will hardly see any hair falling out when you brush – instead, it all remains where it is supposed to be.

    Finasteride Sample

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