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With prices ranging from $10 (generics in online stores) to $80 (brand-name Propecia in brick-and-mortar pharmacies) for 30 pills, which equals to one’s monthly supply, finasteride is definitely not the most expensive medication out there. Nevertheless, it doesn’t mean that you have to put up with the high Propecia price and just buy it from your local drugstore without any money saving opportunities. Here in this article we will show you a few tricks allowing one to spend less money on finasteride and save significant sums in the long run. Just think of all the nice things you can buy yourself after a year of not spending that extra 50 bucks a month – and keep reading!

Ways to reduce Finasteride cost: overview

The most obvious solution for those of you looking for a way to spend less on finasteride implies switching from brand-name to generic medication. Yes, many people still think that this is risky – not only because you might end up buying low-grade counterfeit meds but also because of so many fraudulent online pharmacies literally selling air out there on the Interweb. We, in our turn, are sure that this is very easily avoided thanks to countless sites filled up with real customer reviews. If you are not sure whether this or that Internet drugstore is reliable enough, simply Google its domain name and check out a few results off the first pages. If there’s a lot of negative feedback or no feedback at all, then you should probably consider buying your finasteride from somewhere else.

If, however, you want to stick with taking brand-name finasteride, there is a way out for you as well. Try coupons – there are lots of them available both online and offline and, believe it or not, some of them can cut your Proscar or Propecia cost in half or even more! Downloading printable coupons from sites like or using them when shopping online is never a bad idea. For example, the estimated cash price of a pack of 30 Propecia tablets in Rite-Aid is $95 while a digital coupon from the abovementioned site gives you a chance to buy it as cheap as $40.05. This is what we call a decent discount!

Looking for that perfect finasteride generic

What is a perfect generic finasteride medication for you? Perhaps, one that is as effective as its brand-name alternative, as safe as possible and also very cheap, right? Well, the good news is that such meds do exist, though it will probably cost you some time to find one that is right for you. The first thing you should do is forget about all those no name penny pills that come with loud promises but with little to no real feedback from customers who have tried them. Generic Propecia or Proscar can be cheap – but not dirt-cheap.

Second, do a little research and build a list of reliable drug manufacturers specializing in generic meds and well-reputed due to high quality of their products. We always recommend our readers to stick with famous Indian or Asian companies – such as Cipla Limited or Ajanta Pharmaceuticals, for instance. These manufacturers produce top-quality medications but still manage to keep their prices low.

How much does Propecia cost in ground-based pharmacies and online?

If you’re not lucky enough to have a super-generous health insurance plan covering all possible health disorders from flu to hair loss, then you will probably end up paying for Propecia out of your own pocket. This part of article will provide you with a rough estimate of what you should expect to pay for this medication depending on where you’re buying it from.

Of course, the prices of finasteride and Propecia in particular vary from country to country. As usual, this medication is probably the most expensive in the US – be ready to pay from $40 to $100 for a pack of 28 pills of brand-name Propecia if you are buying from a ground-based pharmacy and have a valid prescription. The prices in the UK, for instance, are somewhat more moderate – currently they range from $30 for a package of legal generic finasteride to $60 for 28 pills of brand-name Propecia.

Online pharmacies, in their turn, sell finasteride much cheaper. Once again, we strongly suggest that you don’t go for shady sites selling penny pills but go for reliable ones instead – there, $20-30 will definitely buy you a month’s worth of quality finasteride.

Hope this article helps you spend less money on finasteride and leave more of it in your pocket, saved up for more pleasant purchases. Take care!

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