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Even though in the past finasteride for women wasn’t regarded as one of the effective hair loss treatments in females, it looks like the whole era is coming to an end as the results of the most recent researches are coming in. Right, the scientists still say that 1mg of finasteride per day can’t help women regrow lost hair. However, as it turns out, all that had to be done was an increase in dosage. A group of female volunteers who have been taking Propecia for women for 18 months reported significant progress in fighting hair loss. With 58% of the participants characterizing their progress as ‘huge’ and 33% calling it ‘moderate’, it’s safe to conclude that the experiment was successful.

However, it’s important to note that the studies are still in progress, so we can’t tell for sure whether using an increased dose of finasteride in treating female hair loss is safe or not. It’s clear that there are side effects – some of the participants of the abovementioned study experienced a drop in libido and some even suffered from nausea and headaches while taking Propecia. But is finasteride dangerous for health in the long run and how serious is the potential damage if there is any? These are the questions that are yet to be answered. Plus, it’s always important to remember that a female patient undergoing therapy with finasteride should always take birth control pills as finasteride is known to cause birth defects and, therefore, should be unconditionally avoided by pregnant women and women planning to get pregnant in the short run.

With the results of the study looking truly encouraging, we will conclude by saying that, if you are a woman suffering from hair loss, you can probably discuss the possibility of treating it with finasteride with your doctor already. The chances that you will be allowed to try this medication are fairly high. Nevertheless, we strongly advise against taking finasteride by yourself without a plan approved by your healthcare provider as it can be dangerous for your health. Take care!

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